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This book was a godsend, really.


I was introduced to VO Genesis by my friend Vanessa, who had gotten retrenched together with me recently. It was a horrible period for me. I'd wanted to quit my desk job for years, but never really had the gumption to do so because I didn't have any backup plans, nor enough savings to tide me over for a period of unemployment. In the end the retrenchment came as a complete shock to me as I had been an employee there for years; same goes for Vanessa! I felt hurt and rejected — useless, even.


Even though I dutifully sent out my resume to numerous companies in my field, my heart wasn't really in it. Perhaps it was evident in my cover letter because not a single suitable company responded to my emails. I began to spiral into despair at the thought of getting stuck in yet another dead-end desk job, yet I couldn't stop applying for exactly the same job because that was the only kind of job I knew.


But things began to turn around after I found VO Genesis. I can't thank Vanessa enough for telling me about it! It's a guide that teaches you the absolute basics of how to make money being a voice over artist, delving into specific details and steps to optimize your voice over career.


I never thought that I could make money off something that was just given to me since birth! My voice was an untapped asset that allowed me to work flexible hours, earn an income without leaving the comfort of my home, and most importantly, I didn't have to sit at a desk staring at a computer screen for 9 hours a day! You can't imagine the stress I've managed to keep at bay — gone are the days of backaches and migraines from sitting in the same position day in, day out.


The voice over industry is also largely underrated, with mostly celebrities dominating the limelight, leading us to believe that only famous people can earn significant amounts of money with voice overs. But Vanessa proved me wrong. She's been earning a steady income of hundreds each week, and by the end of the month her paychecks in total were more than what she'd been earning for years at our previous company! I was astounded.


Of course, it's not all magic and fairy dust; she still had to work for it. However, the work is simply so much easier and infinitely more enjoyable than her boring old desk job! Seeing her so happy  and content made me check out the book for myself and am I ever glad I did. The book not only taught me how to set up my own equipment within my minuscule budget, it also revealed to me just how huge the voice over industry actually is, and even had tips on how to properly take care of my voice.


Since then I've been practicing the instructions in the book regularly and have gotten quite a number of voice over gigs. I have never been happier in my whole working adult life. It feels wonderful to wake up any time I want, do work at my own leisure, with no boss or superior hovering behind me all the time. VO Genesis was a completely fresh start for me, and I am still amazed at how easy and effective it is!



Voice Over Genesis

Hi, I was laid off a few months back because our company is now switching to intensive use on automation. I was unprepared for it; I assumed, wrongly, that my job was an iron bowl. I thought I would be safe - I had years of experience, I brought in substantial deals for the company, and I was also mentor to many of my younger co-workers. But still, it was not apparently enough.


I found that I was not called for as many interviews as I thought I would be, given my experience. And when I do get the chance to attend an interview, I find myself competing with fresh graduates who definitely cannot command my pay-scale. I can go on with the benefits of employing me, but the fact was - no company was considering me.


Just when I thought my luck was totally down, I stumbled upon VO Genesis; it came up as an option as I was researching for alternative forms of making income.


VO Genesis is a book presenting my salvation.


Why is voice over work being recommended? Importantly of all, the service can be provided in the space of a home, a home business. It is in fact a lucrative industry: producers are always on a lookout for new voice over talent. Gone are the days when you need to go over Hollywood to attend an audition. Now, an app will do!


And as long as you have the proper training and some basic equipment, you can build your career up from there!


If you think voice over work don't pay much, look no further than many celebrities who made it by starting from voice over. Meg Ryan voiced as Dr. Blight in the animated series "Captain Planet" from 1990 - 1991. We also have Amanda Bynes, the voice behind Taffy in "Rugrats" from 2001 - 2006. And of course we have the late talented actor Robin Williams who had a rich collection of voice over nods under his belt.


In VO Genesis, we are introduced to the basics of getting voice over start up in your life. This guide also provides a what-you-need-to-know on the categories of voice over work.


Skills in developing the voice are important too, since you depend fully on your voice to bring in the money. Next Jenny Lewis, the author, shows you how to set up your own VO studio in the comfort of your own home! Now, I don't want to sell you everything here and reveal all of the benefits, it wouldn't be fair to Jenny Lewis if I do that.


VO Genesis is NOT just for those who are in need of a job or something.


It is tailored for people who wants to make their dreams come true. With categories nearly ranging from the A - Z know-how, VO Genesis comprises the relevant information you need to know to help you carve out this special career.


Besides VO Genesis, two bonus reports are provided: "How To Get More Voice over Gigs Than You Can Handle" and "How To Triple Your Voice over Fees... Even If You Hate Negotiating".


The former collates what you need to do to get yourself more gigs, ranging from the plain old auditions to your own marketing efforts. The latter shows you what you need to do to be able to ask, and receive correspondingly, the rates you REALLY and should deserve. These two supplements really effective in pushing for gigs.


I never knew that I could make use of my voice to find another form of success in my desperate times. But VO Genesis pulled me out of the quicksand of unemployment and now I find that word of my good service has spread and I landed more gigs and slots.


Thank you Jenny Lewis, for opening up this avenue for me!


Do get your VO Genesis now, and be your own master of destiny!


VO Genesis Book Content

VO Genesis Book Content



CHAPTER 1: What Types of Voice over Work Can I Do?

CHAPTER 2: Developing Your Skills As A Voice over Artist

CHAPTER 3: The Voice over Industry

CHAPTER 4: Your Voice over Demo 

CHAPTER 5: Building Your Own Home Studio

CHAPTER 6: Recording And Editing Your Voice over


You're going to find out...

- How to get started even if you’re a

total beginner and have never even

recorded a voicemail before.

- Where to get high-paying gigs right


- How to grow and scale your home business from part-time extra cash

to a full-time life-changing income.


Product Name: VO Genesis 

Author Name: Jenny Lewis

Back Guarantee: Refund

Guarantee: 60-day

Official Website:

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